Cream Tan?

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I have a WT cape I would like to tan, since I just received 2 capes back from the tannery in very rough shape I'am thinking of useing cream tan. Last year I did 3 mounts with it but since then I have heard lots of things I did wrong. (I was taught this way at school)We were taught to flesh the hid, split lips ect... then paint on cream tan wait 1 to 4 hrs then take a mini-flesher to thin the hide, We are now ready to mount? Well I have read that I should be useing a pickle after flit drying the cape(which we didnt do at school)then rince the cape after that put on cream tan wait 12 hrs to thin then mount. Does this do a good job or do you still get lots of shrinkage, like I did before? If I should pickle is pickling crystals a good way to go? and do I need to check the ph if so how do I do it?

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Please, is their more info.?

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Was the cape at school salted before you split lips? Cream tan alone should not shrink cape at all? Also, most cream tans from supplies come with instructions or pickled capes and raw-salted capes... If you follow it will work either way.

Some Salt

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Gordon, We did salt the capes and let them set over night,but they didnt get flit dried of course, alot of moisture was drawn out. I'am new a this as I've done 6 heads total and want to do the best work possible even though I take much longer than it should. I think speed will come with experence. The first cape I received back from the tannery was great, the mount turned out great and my customer was really happy, but after getting the others back I'am scared to send them any more. I did call them and told them the shape of the capes I received and their supposed to call back.

Well best is

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something different for everyone. I do my own tanning, I use Lutan-F tan and Oxalic Acid pickle. I've done it so much I know how it's going to turn out and I get my capes to original size...but will not overstretch...with Lutan-F. But I have had good results with liqui-tan Knoblock. I try to acid tan everything.

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