Silicones/caulking for hide paste.

Submitted by Shane on 11/19/01. ( )

I recently saw a magazine article where they were using a silicone for hide paste. I can't find the article now and I am wondering if any one can help on this matter. I believe the gentlemen at McKenzie's used it to mount a lifesize lion and a leopard. Thank You for your help and suggestions.

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This response submitted by George on 11/19/01. ( )

Do you really intend on trying something so off-beat and radical as that. The cost is phenominally higher than the best epoxy paste made especially for taxidermy, and if it WAS such a great idea, it wouldn't be so hard to find the reference. Each day I'm more amazed at the lengths some in our industry strive to make just so they can reinvent the wheel later on. Save your money. The reason most of us don't use weird things is because they don't work nearly as well as the time proven ones.

Latex Caulk

This response submitted by JimTucker on 11/20/01. ( )

Roger Martin has done several seminars for us here in OH and he used latex calking for his mammal mounts. Works for him, I didn't really like it. That is the reason we all try different things. To me the cost is prohibitive. I get a lot more mileage out of a bucket of Buckeye Supreme. I also like some of the epoxies, but most are tooo thick for me.


This response submitted by John C on 11/20/01. ( )

When using fully tanned capes Siliconised Latex Caulk is fine and will work. But it is very, very slow to dry, the cheapest is about $1.00 per tube.

There is a difference in Siliocniesed and Silicone.

Siliconised Latex caulk refers to the way it is blended or mixed. This don't contain any SILICONE and is 100% paintable when dry.

Silicone contains a portion of it base as silicone, which is a not paintable and any paint will peel from it as will the hide because of slow drying. If you used Silicone it may take 3-5 weeks for it to fully set up. AIR allows the Acetic acid ( hence the vinegar smell) in silicone to evaporate. So as you can now see it will dry to slow. This will for sure allow a hide to slip the hair, even weeks after you mounted it. I have been there and done that. Plus at $4-$5 per tube and it will take 2 tubes for even a small deer you can see it is a lot cheaper to use EPO-GRIP HIDE ADHESIVE than silislip caulkI have done this so yes I do darn well know.

This is what I heard

This response submitted by Tony on 11/23/01. ( )

I am a ggreen horn my self and been talking to several taxidermists in my area. One feller said he had problems with the ear drumming ( not laying or sticking to the liners) He told me he drilled the liners fill of holes and bought 100% silicon calk put it on his finger and applyed it to inside of ears and put a small amount on liners he said it worked good for him I saw a few mounts he had that was 10 to 12 years old they looked like new money but he gets them down and cleans them once a month. He seems to be a truthful guy,so I guess you can take it for what its worth! Tony

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