Microwave damaged Antelope horns

Submitted by Mike Butler on 11/20/01. ( mikebutler@idahopower.com )

It happened to me! What is the best way to repair a set of antelope horns that have bubbles from using the microwave method of horn removal.

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horn repair

This response submitted by mike d on 11/20/01. ( the_taxidermist@yahoo.com )

You will need to grind out the bubbled area,
back to where it becomes the original contour
of the horn. I the area is large, pre-fill with bondo
to just below the final surface.
Use apoxie or the like to fill to the surface.
When almost set use a wire brush to texture the apoxie.
You may need to paint the horn, I use flat black hot
rod primer(lacquer); and seal with matte finish.
If entire horn is painted, you probably should do both;
wipe with lacquer thinner first.

tooooo long eh? Slow to 20 seconds between

This response submitted by John C on 11/20/01. ( )

each hot cycle and twist hard each time, this will pop them before the blister.


This response submitted by Dave Toms on 11/20/01. ( )

go to your local art supplu store and look for Latex mold builder. Make a 2 inch mold of the good horn (you just want the texture) then epoxy the bad spot as mention above, wet the latex and press into the epoxy. I also precolor the epoxy and then highlight with black and burnt umber. Cheers


I always...

This response submitted by Lars on 11/21/01. ( )

never use the microwave on pronghorn removal because my soup ends up tasting like sage brush. =o)

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