new (?)use for large (coyote sized )hide stretcher

Submitted by CHUCK on 11/20/01. ( )

Some of you may use this little space saver,but for those of you who may not have too much room to work in might be able to try it.I used to skin out my deer capes,like just this past firearm deer season weekend,and double salt the hides and leave lying flat til dry . The thought occurred to me that those old coyote sized wire type hide stretchers that trappers use could help me dry these capes and still be flat for storage . I still salt once for 24 hrs then resalt with fresh. Then I slide a stretcher up into the hides-I use the short cut 7 method to cape.The stretcher will slide all the way up into the head area and fits perfectly into the nose area so I can simply hang the tip of it(stretcher )on a nail between my rafters .This facilitates better draining of fluids and air has a chance to circulate around the hide to quickly dry it for storage til it can be further prepared.

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Hey Chuck

This response submitted by Mtn Dogs on 11/21/01. ( )

That one's been around for awhile,The only problem I have is the strechers
start getting rusty,Noncaster's sells a stainless one

Mtn Dogs

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 11/21/01. ( )

Make some out of wood. That is what I use


Same here

This response submitted by Elmer on 11/22/01. ( )

I made some out of 1x2 work great . I salt real real then hang let the fluids drain take down salt the second day pay close attention to any fold areas like behind the ears and hang again. I let them dry a couple more days then remove the wood or it will rock hard on the woodwood and make it tough to get out . I have been doing this two years and have not lost a cape yet.


This response submitted by Dave Toms on 11/22/01. ( )

great minds think alike Elmer....... I had an old trapper show me that many years ago and I have used it ever since. I also belive it helps keep the neck size the same if the hide doesn't get shaved thin during tanning. Cheers


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