deer eyes

Submitted by Matt Zydron on 11/25/01. ( )

My question is about painting the eyes on a deer. I have just been using black paint. Is there a better way or something ells to use that would make my mounts look better? I have seen other mounts that do not look like they were painted with black paint. I would appreciate any help thanks Matt Zydron

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reference pictures

This response submitted by Leah on 11/26/01. ( )

Matt, your best reference is not other mounts,but actual photos of deer. Study where the colors are and how they blend, some deer have alot of white around their eyes and others alot of brown. I use off white to cover up the dead yellowish color first, brush it from the hair with a small brush such as a toothbrush, but leave the color behind on the skin. I go in the inner rim of the eye, where the the lash line is, you can plainly see it on the mount and hit it with a fine stream of dark brown, this is almost black, but not as harsh. Then I blend outward with rich brown following the natural markings on the deer, you can see where the deer has it's natural brown color.You may need to leave a tad of the dark brown in your brush,mixing it with the rich brown to get the correct color of brown. Rich brown has a slightly reddish tint to it. The tear duct gets hit with the off white as well and then a faint misting of buck skin tan blends the rich brown with the off white in the tear duct. This is just my personal preference and it seems to work really well, no complaints. Hope this helps you out a little.

Wax / Don't Paint

This response submitted by Mark K on 11/29/01. ( )

Page 140 of WASCO . The only way I finish eyes .Once you learn this way,you'll never go back to painting .Just my opinion .
You'll need all of these waxes to properly finish deer . Again, just my opinion . Good Luck Matt !

deer eyes

This response submitted by lebreton's taxidermy on 12/3/01. ( )

matt, the way I do it is air brush them. 1-use magic sculpt or all game to fill in any or smmooth out uround the eyes, tearducts, nose. 2- paint around eyes, tearducts, nose ears with fungicical sealer. 2-paint same areas with super hide white. 3-then goto flesh for same areas. 4- paint all areas except ears and taerducts with black umber. 5- using a scapel carefully follow around inside of the glass eye, then scrape paint off of glass eye. then you can put a satin sheen gloss on the nose and around eye. I use laquer polytranspar paint note you can use laquer thinner and a cotton swab to get any over spray off of head. good luck and use good reference when finishing up your heads. DeLoy.

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