Competition ears using ear liners

Submitted by Marc on 11/28/01. ( )

I have been using the bondo method on all my ears for my mounts and everything has turned out great. The last competition I went to I got docked for my ears being to thick. I tried ear liners once. The method I used was dip them in laquer thinner for a little while and then dipped then in very fine sand. I peeled the cartlidge out and whiped the inside ears with laquer, then dried them with a hair dryer. I then used a thin layer of bondo to adhear the earliner to the ear. Everything drummed. I even trimmed the ear liner down an 1/8 inch for shrinkidge. I would like to better myself at my next competition. Can anyone tell me how to create the best competion ear, or head me in the right direction to a great article. I will be attempting a doe and buck antelope combination for my competition mount and would really like to better my artistic abilities.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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This response submitted by Big Al on 11/28/01. ( )

Bondo is not an adhesive and should have not been used
for that purpose. That's why the drumming issue.
Plenty of excellent epoxie adhesives out there.
Seek and you shall find.

Epo-Grips Liquid Fast Set

This response submitted by Leanna on 11/28/01. ( )

Try it and it should cure your drumming problems IF the earliner is the right size. Check the archives on this one you'll find LOTS of help on this one....look up "Liquid Fast Set" or "earliners" on the search over on your left.

I tried MANY different adhesives and always had drumming with the liners, Epo's Liquid Fast Set is my close friend now!

bondo ears

This response submitted by Ken Graf on 11/28/01. ( )

Sorry guy but i have use'd bondo ear in world comp and National comp and took blue's with them they work great if done right Well it worked for me


This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 11/29/01. ( )

I don't use bondo for that same problem but like Ken yes it works but you have to know how. Just how many out there really knows how to do it poperlly Ken.

If your reading this forum as much as the next guy they can't. So this is why we rather have them use earliners and a great epoxy like epo-grip. It turns the begginner to a better taxidermist. Just an opinion.

Smooth out

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 11/29/01. ( )

Smooth out holds GREAT and gives you a longer working time then the fast sets, but they work GRWAT also. NONE of them will hold if the earliner is not sized properly

..something to try

This response submitted by Gary Pegg Australia on 12/2/01. ( )

Send me a mail and l will send you a sample of material that you can use to make your own earliners with.

lt is a plastic impregnated fibre material and used in the shoe industry.
lt is activated simply by placing the material in hot water. When limp you merely wrap and shape around your ear mold.

Cool under a cold tap, and the whole process takes less than a minute.
l then use a water base glue that is used in the commercial adhesion of felt to board , so its a little thicker, and now l never have drumming.
Beauty is all this stuff is water based and non toxic.

Even when the mount is fresh, you can take a hair dryer to the tip, soften , flare ,and allow the ear to cool and set.

The ears retain a flexible nature to them at the ends, similar to raw ears.

l had many of the same troubles with Bondo,..too thin and ear tips curled, too thick and they lost there character.
lm sure you will be happy.

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