Antler pedestal?

Submitted by Bill on 11/29/01. ( )

I had a customer call today and try to describe something that he had seen and wanted for his elk antlers. The nearest I could tell, he was describing a cast iron pedestal designed to display antlers. (not european, just antlers) I don't recall seeing such a thing in any of my catalogs or trade magazines. How about you guys? Does anybody have a clue what he's talking about?

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Create a new design

This response submitted by Marc on 12/4/01. ( )

Bill, I have designed and created my own placque system for Caribou and moose to sit on the wall exactly the way they would on the animal. There is a board with a nice design that hangs on the wall, with an angled piece coming out of it. In between them I add a piece for stability. The caribou and the moose both are a general placque mount - plaster, buskin and the whole works. A design similiar to the european wall or desk placques out of Van Dykes, but much, much more stable and larger. If you do woodworking or have a woodworker, have him design an octagonal pedestal with an angled board on the top of it so you can attach the elk rack to. If it is a european on a pedestal it will look great. I did a calf buffalo like this for a stampede competition. Good Luck, and don't forget to charge very accordingly.

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