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Submitted by Brad on 11/29/01. ( )

I have a guy who wants me to mount his elk rack from this year. It's a nice 6x7. I haven't ever just mount the antlers. Where do I cut the skull to fit properly on the antler base? How deep do I leave the skull?

Any help is greatly appreciated


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This response submitted by Big Al on 11/30/01. ( )

Why don't you sway him towards a European?

Assuming he doesn't want a European...

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 11/30/01. ( )

The amount of skull plate needed for an antler mount is pretty minimal. You should end up with about a 3 inch strip of skull holding the antlers together. Don't cut it too shallow, as these antlers will be heavy and need all the bone support you can give them. The antler mannikin will give you a pretty deep recess to secure the skull plate to the form. Use 4-6 long 1/4 inch lag bolts to secure the skull plate to the form (I buy them a bit long, run them all the way through the back of the form, them grind the ends off flush). Once they are secured to the form, set the form and antlers on the floor (as if the floor was the wall) and check to make sure the tips will clear the wall. Tilt foreward a tad if they don't and re-secure. Mix up some Bondo and apply all the way around the skull plate in the cut-out of the form for added strength. Then, use paper mache to fill in the rest of the voids. Shape it up to the pedecels, and smooth it into the form for a clean juncture. Then cover it with buckskin, felt, or whatever with spray contact cement. Good luck!

Bob Mead

Thanks guys!

This response submitted by Brad on 12/2/01. ( )

I would have leaned toward the European too except the last shot on this guy went in the neck and out the face.

Thanks for the advice!

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