necks seem long on deer and elk?

Submitted by lee on 11/30/01. ( )

i mounted an elk the other day and i had to add 2 inches to the neck length to make my briskit fit. now i am faced with the same problem on a deer that i am doing. how come my necks seem short, am i doing somthing wong?
thanks for any help.

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This response submitted by Big Al on 11/30/01. ( )

Are you shaving your capes thin enough and
do you have enough stretch in your capes?


This response submitted by lee on 11/30/01. ( )

yes, they are shaved and have good streatch. in order to get my brisket in the right place i have hide bunched up in the throat.

Your cape need a larger neck

This response submitted by John C on 11/30/01. ( )

Strtch the cape wide, you did not mention who was tanning them. Skins will stretch long or wide it is up to you on which way you stretch them.

Work them wider this may take a couple of 2X4's 6 feet long bolted together at one end. Insert and stretch the cape wide. This will make the customer happier and solve the problems you are having.

This can happen by the cape being fleshed the length of the cape instead of width of the cape also.


This response submitted by George on 11/30/01. ( )

One of two things is going on here
(1) You are pulling the neck skin back. The skin is now fleshed and thinned. It STRETCHES, get used to it and don't cave in to pulling it tight. The hide will "pack". Align your anatomical markers (i.e. brisket) and make the skin fit the mannikin. I use Sheffield Awls sold by Van Dykes to anchor the markers correctly. The mannikin IS anatomically correct for the size animal USUALLY

(2) You measured wrong. That "USUALLY" above is for the odd specimen with pencil necks and big heads. BUT if you measured the neck wrong and got a form with a smaller neck to accomodate the head, then you have a bigger tube to fit on a form and the neck will seem short. Always order my neck size first. The face length is easy to modify but extending the neck is very risky since all the weight of the mount will have to be supported by it.

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