Research Mannikins

Submitted by JimGrill on 11/30/01. ( )

Do Research Mannikins first honest whitetail forms have the positive set eye sockets as do McKenzie. I don't see anything in the catalogue about the eye sockets of the form being at the right tilt and angle to set the eye flush against the back of the form. Just wondering? Thanks Jim

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Research Mannikins

This response submitted by CHUCK on 11/30/01. ( )

I use Research's more often than not . I am here to tell you that the eyeset sockets are very user friendly in that all you need to do is install your choice of eye(mine are Eppley)do minimal clay work and mount.Angles are all preformed in the mannikin.The nice thing about RM is that every size offered has almost 10 poses to pick from.

Good Forms

This response submitted by Mark K on 11/30/01. ( )

I use the First Honest Whitetail forms almost exclusively . The eyeset is very easy to use. Hey Chuck, how did those Eppley eyes work out ? Just recently ordered 3 pair to try .Good looking eye for less than $6.00 a pair .

Down, boy!

This response submitted by LH on 11/30/01. ( )

Calm down, John. This one's way too easy. Just let it go. It's alone elk thing.LOL

private joke?

This response submitted by CHUCK on 12/2/01. ( )

Sorry LH,I don't know what you're talking about but anyway. . . The Eppley eyes work great ,I'm glad they came along. The high detail and low cost are best of both worlds.I don't use anything else on my deer . I even used a pair of prerotated eyes from them and gave the mount a little extra "oomph" for convincing looks.Try 'em you'll like 'em.

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