Horn question that I can't find in archives

Submitted by nate hart on 11/30/01. ( nate_hart@hotmail.com )

I have a bighorn sheep skull that has some light spots on the front of the horns. The fronts of them seem like they were scraped - maybe from fighting, weathering or from a fall? I was wondering if anyone had tried restoring the color to horns. When I wet the horn it looks better so I was thinking maybe a wax or something? I don't need or want to stain all of it. I just want to enhance the color a little bit and add a little brown to the horn. Maybe that potassium pomengrate stuff used for deer antlers? Any suggestions you can give would be great. Thanks a lot.

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Stay away from KMNO4

This response submitted by George on 11/30/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

It imparts a brown hue and you don't want that as it will only look worse. If wetting them works for us, use Vaseline or maybe linseed/turpentine over that spot. The grease/oil in those products last longer than water.


This response submitted by BUZZI COOK on 12/1/01. ( OLYTAX@AOL.COM )

We use MIN WAX, various colors, to recolor sheep horns. We use Pecan, and other sorted colors. Look at the chart and pick out colors that is lighter than the effect you want to achieve. These min waxes work well on antlers and reproductions antlers as well. Use per instructions on can....although we have airbrushed some sheep horns...we also use a cloth for staining them.

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