Tanning oil on hair?

Submitted by Lance on 12/21/01. ( )

I'm in the process of drying an Elk and realized that after I tanned with liqua-tan, I forgot to do the final rinse and now,while drying ,the hair has got a lot of oily areas. My question is this.What and how do I wash this out? I've tried a spray bottle with a detergent but this does not seem to cut it? WHAT DO I DO ?
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try this

This response submitted by b bishop on 12/21/01. ( bishops@newnorth.net )

take a rag with paint thinner on it and wipe the hair down and if this removes it then do the detergent spray after this. Also be sure to try windex, this will cut some surprizing things and is not so hard on the lungs. If these dont work go to laquer thinner on a rag. Dont forget your mask!

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