Sew First or Face First

Submitted by Bill on 12/28/01. ( Sew first or face first? )

I know that some guys and gals sew the incision first and then go to the face, finishing the eyes, nose and lips. Others do just the oppisite. I've tried both ways, but find that it's easier for me to do the eyes, then go to the incision. I find it easier to put the clay around the eyes then pull the cape up over the eyes, rather than try to put the clay in through the eye openings after it has been pulled over them. Just curious what you find easiest. Thanks, Bill

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sew in the middle

This response submitted by Phillip on 12/28/01. ( )

This is just the way I do it,sculpt eyes, pull cape carefully over, tuck nose then lips, then sew, then do the eyes and fine tune ears. I don't want to start pulling on skin if it's tight and pull at my eyes.

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