Antelope horns

Submitted by kevin on 1/3/02. ( )

Does anyone know what I need to do to the inner core of my Antelope Horns to prepare them for a head mount? There is alot of hair and flesh on the core and I am sure it has to be removed but I am unsure how to do this. Also once the flesh is removed, do I have to build it back up a little to make the horns fit correctly? Any advice would be greatly appriciated.


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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 1/4/02. ( )

I simmer them in sal soda or arm & hammers super washing soda. Check on them and when the meat begins to gel it's time to clean it. After that make sure you clean the horns out. Just wash them then I put some borax in them and let dry.

To set the horns back use a good epoxy (epo-grip) to attach the horns back.

Resetting the horns

This response submitted by Royce on 1/5/02. ( )

Frank gave you some good advice on cleaning the skull and horns. Before I Remove the horns I use the tip of a sharp knife and mark the horn cores with a scratch mark at the bottom of the horn as a reference when reinstalling the horns. You don't want to set them too high or too low. I start resetting the horns by first placing a large marble size wad of fast setting mache deep inside the horn, I then push the horn down on the core until it is down to the scratch mark. After the mache has set I remove the horns and smear the horn core with bondo and place enough in the horn to fill the void. Slip the horn back on the core until it bottoms out on the mache. Trim off any excess bondo that squeezes out the bottom after it sets. Good luck.

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