#$%@!*! Antelope

Submitted by Eric on 1/3/02. ( www.Magee@Pathway.net )

I'm on cape number two for my friends antelope mount that I'm doing, er not doing. First cape I salted, and started to work on. Anyhow it went to crap. Next cape I bought, it RIPPED!
So what am I dong so wrong. They are so much harder than deer. Thanks, Eric

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 1/4/02. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

What are you trying to do here? You say you salted the cape and started to work on it. Well we kind off need to know a little more detail on what you were doing after you salted it. Were you tring to flesh it, mount it ? We can't help with the info you gave us.

Also how did that cape rip. Was it cause you were pulling on it to hard. It could be the hide was shaved to close to the hair and made it weak. Like I said need more info and we would be glad to help out. Other wise you can E-mail me.


This response submitted by Eric on 1/4/02. ( www.Magee@Pathway.net )

Sorry to be so vague. I was jsut venting. Anyhow I believe I know what I did wrong on cape number two. The first was pickled at too high of a pickle. And lastly, I now hate antelope. It has been very humbling for this beginner. Thanks for the reply.

Need some reasearch first

This response submitted by Paul on 1/5/02. ( paulstax2000@yahoo.com )

Anytime you try to mount something for the first time get a video. At least this way you have some idea of what to expect. Antelope are not the easiest to mount, glands, slippage etc. to deal with, don't worry though theres still a few hundred thousand still running around out there to practice on LOL...Paul


This response submitted by Roger on 1/6/02. ( Emery30@msn.com )

I think antelope are given far too high a difficulty rating. That is, as long as the cape is properly cared for: starting with the salt,etc. They do have a propensity to slip, but their hide is thin-skinned enough that as long as it isn't abused or neglected, they are easy mounts, even for those of you who don't have fleshing machines. You have to learn to ease the skin on a form that isn't too large, and if the cape is good, any tan or a good DP even, will yield excellent results. Good luck.

i mount antelope

This response submitted by bearclaw on 1/8/02. ( www.bearclawtaxidermyhotmail.com )

i do a lot of antelope. i don t salt them . i cute the fat and meat from the skin and wash it in clod water and dry it i alway monut them wet skin .IT help a lot i never had problem wiht them hey have you try borxas it work good with the skin i put it on the and lat it sit for in 1 hour and monut iti never had problem it work if you need any thing ? you can email ME?


This response submitted by Eric on 1/9/02. ( www.Magee@Pathway.net )

Thanks for the replies! I'm waiting on my third cape. Third times a cahrm right? Eric

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