how to cast a part of elk antler for replacement

Submitted by dwl on 1/4/02. ( )

I have a elk to mount that 20" of main beam and two points are missing how do I cast from a similar elk, what materials do I use and how to attach and stain to blend in with rest of antler? thank you for your input.

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If you don't want to just manually sculpt one with Apoxie..

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(non-paintable) silicone works pretty well as a mold, made rigid
with some Bondo..
I'd use a little PAM as a release agent.....
pour in some Fantastic cast or comparable casting agent....
stick a heavy gauge wire in before it're golden!
Blend and feather your edge with Apoxie Sculpt....
use an antler stain of your choice.....
on a scale of difficulty of 1 to 5.....1 for a Pro..3 for an ameteur..
5 for Forest Gump

For mor info

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check in the molding section and arcives.

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