How do you measure a blackbuck and what is the ROE record?

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What is thr criteria for measuring Blackbucks? What are the current records for the Safari Club and ROE?

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Im not familiar with the SCI records, but ROE can be contacted at Records of Exotics or by calling Thompson Temple in Ingram, Texas. Although there used to be an "All time record" catagory, in the last 3 or 4 years only those records for that year are kept.

SCI blackbuck measurments

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Measure the length of each horn following "the center of the broad spiral ridge where the rings or cross ridges are heaviest. Instead of on the forehead, this measuerment begins near the center of the skull where the horns are nearest each other, and very carefully follows the grain of the horn around the multiple spirals to the tip. This is a difficult measurement to take accurately and should be taken several times to ensure correctness...." (from SCI measurer's manual)
Also the circumfrence is measured at the base of each horn.

I heard back in November that Thompson Temple has teminated the ROE.

There is also another scoring group called the Trophy Game Records of The World. The headquarters are in Texas



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Thanks for the help

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