Elk skull cap broke loose from form

Submitted by Gary LaLonde on 1/6/02. ( )

I had just finished sewing up an elk. I went to move the head on my stand and the antlers broke loose. Besides the lesson I just learned is there a way to fix this. I had used bondo to attach and mache over top to blend in with the form. The four screws are still holding, but it is pretty wobbly. Thanks for any advice.

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I use lag bolts

This response submitted by George on 1/6/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

With elK and Moose, I use 3/8 inch lag bolts at least 2 inches longer than the depth of the skull plate. I predrill the holes and use a spade bit to countersink the heads with washers. I usually use only 2 per set of antlers.
In your case, I'd suggest opening the seam now and doing it. It won't ever get any better.


This response submitted by Jack on 1/7/02. ( jackmaegli@jvlnet.com )

I used 6 x 5" #10?(the thickest I could find) decking type screws slightly countersunk and angled them to spread apart into the manikin when I did mine. This sounds stupid, but I wonder if you could inject a good epoxy with hypodermic between the cap and manikin to repaste it, if your screws are still good?

Poor form?

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 1/7/02. ( )

The plywood in the form may of come loose from the manikin esp. on a cheap or copied form. You must undo the stitch and go from there after you find out exactly what gave loose

How much skull?

This response submitted by DE on 1/7/02. ( )

If I only have a wedge of skull to work with I always build up underneath the skull plate with bondo. This makes them solid as a rock.

shull stuff

This response submitted by jj on 1/14/02. ( )

You may try cutting a new seam in the forhead rather than oen the original. Then sew it up real careful like. This would seem to give you better access to the area that needs the work. 

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