elk mount

Submitted by Joe on 1/7/02. ( jefft@fugal.com )

I need to know the best way to show wrinkles in the neck of an elk with a 90 degree turn. I thought about cuting grooves in the form and pushing the hide in the grooves to look like wrinkles? any help would be great thanks Joe

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This response submitted by DE on 1/7/02. ( )

You can slot some shallow grooves in the form then use mache to build a bulge for the wrinkle but I just mix up some extra thick dextrine based hide paste and then pull the dark neck skin tight back onto the shoulder after sewing. then as you work the skin forward into position allow it to wrinkle naturaly as you go but be careful to not get too carried away. If you dont like what you have created the first try, pull the skin back tight and try again. Simple!

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