Pronghorn nostril color

Submitted by Tamie on 1/8/02. ( )

For a commercial mount I paint the inside of pronghorn nostrils all
black. But, for a competition mount, is it still the same, or is
there another color deep inside, like flesh or something? Thanks.

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This response submitted by jim marsico on 1/8/02. ( )


There is proof.......

This response submitted by Lars on 1/13/02. ( )

that a pink inner nostril exists, and I was shown the "live" photos, and the judge believed they were the only way to go, and I was marked down for using black to gray colors. I have seen "immediately dead" Antelope and have never seen a pink interior. I have yet to be able to view the nostril interior of a live Antelope. Cover your all the bases and use pink for the deep part of the canal, fade to gray , then blackish/brown for the most exposed part. Avoid pure black for anything.


This response submitted by Tamie on 1/23/02. ( )

Thank you for the info, that helps.

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