Shipping charge on Bison head

Submitted by Fred on 1/8/02. ( )

Anyone have an idea what it would cost to ship a mounted bison shoulder mount(adult-large) ,that is already crated from New York City to the state of Washington. Just wondering a ball park cost. I realize that this can not go UPS... What trucking outfits seem to have the best rates and service? Thanks ... Fred

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check for yourself........

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You can log onto UPS or USPO and as long as you know the zip to and from, and the weight, they will calculate it for you.

Just a guess

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If you can not ship by UPS then I assume you will have to crate it and ship by truck. We shipped an Elk shoulder mount last fall from here(Washington) to West Virginia. Cost $450. Freight charges are all about wieght and distance so the less you crate weighs the better.

You can get estimates from the trucking companies. Look them up in the Yellow pages.

Good Luck,

Best Bet

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When shipping I get a hold of an expediter that has experience with taxidermists. They will know the laws about importing/exporting to any state or province and will know how to ship the most cost effective method, they can save a lot of time and money. Then send it COD to you customer, it is easier than trying to figure what it costs and in the end he is the one that will have to pay anyway.

dont tell

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dont tell them whats in it mounts have the highest rate of all tell them its machine parts

Nub may be right

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mail fraud is always a GOOD idea...

its not fraud

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its going by truck so its not mail fraud dummy even if it goes mailwhat they going to do spankn you . get real

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