Sika Form needed.

Submitted by Dwight on 1/9/02. ( )

Looking for Sika buck form in a sneak position.Who has these?

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Not sure about sneak

This response submitted by Kristoph on 1/9/02. ( )

Have had great success wit WASCO's Sitka forms

No One

This response submitted by Old Fart on 1/9/02. ( )

The closest is sweeping turn that can be modified for more sweep. Research has a changeout head that you night be able to put on a sneek form of some type. Fallow? Axis?

Sneaking Sika

This response submitted by T.Baker on 1/9/02. ( )

I cut the head off of a whitetail sneak form from Reasearch and then added the head from Don Holt's (Van Dyke)sika form. I did a sika and axis a while back this way and they turned out just fine.

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