mouflan sheep horn removal

Submitted by dwl on 1/10/02. ( )

what is a good way to remove the horns from the core.

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please check the archives

This response submitted by Kristoph on 1/10/02. ( )

been covered extensively there

scroll down

This response submitted by Tamie on 1/10/02. ( )

Look about four lines down at the bighorn horn removal, same thing.
I agree with using the maturation method--be prepared for major stink,
but works great.

Boil them !

This response submitted by Tim on 1/11/02. ( )

I do many sheep each year, if you boil them right after skinning,while still fresh,it only takes 20-30 minuets,no stink at all,in fact smells like stew cooking,yum-yum Ü Tim


This response submitted by Matt C on 1/12/02. ( )

Geez! Where do some guys get there info from? Boiling the horn will cause it to warp and possibly change color.

DO NOT..I repeat..DO NOT Boilt the entire horn and skull...Soak the entire horns while on the skull in water for 2-4 days. Then remove from wtaer and gently pry under the horn/skull union with a flat head screwdriver. Then take a small hammer and lightly tap horn away from the skull...Horn should slide off in a minute or so.

THEN...Boil the skull and horn CORES to remove all meat and tissue.

Matt c

This response submitted by Tim on 1/13/02. ( )

Matt, I beg to differ from your idea,I have done many sheep this way, as long as you do them fresh,and dont over boil them, they come off with ease and I have never had one warp or dis color yet . Why take 2-4 days (as you say) to do what you can in 30 mins. GEEZ ! Then you dont have to use a hammer ? Wow, get a bigger hammer ! Ü

Matt C

This response submitted by Roger on 1/13/02. ( )

I have to go on record as confirming the boiling method has worked very well for me. I have removed many sheep horns this way. Don't over-boil, and once the cores are cleaned, put the horns back on and you won't have any warping. I have had no problems with discoloration, either. Have a good day.

Oh Well

This response submitted by MattC on 1/13/02. ( )

You guys have been lucky then.....

Someone who does not know to watch the horns closely could ruin someones trophy. Why take 2-4 days, you ask? Simple.....Why risk, even the remotest chance of ruining someones horns by a method that can cause a horn to warp. Unless you can determine the thickness of the horn wall and sheath density then you cannot kow for sure how much heat the horn can take before warping or discoloring. There is just a few minutes difference between the horn loosening from the core and the horn beginning to warp...Why take the chance?

Best to be careful and take a couple of extra days to do it safely and in the best interest of the customers mount then to try and cut corners and possibly ruin their trophy.

I mount about 100 Corsicans, mouflons,Texas Dalls, etc, a year.

Lucky ?

This response submitted by Tim on 1/14/02. ( )

I did 68 rams and goats,last year, with several big horns,all of which were boiled "FRESH". All came out fine, no warping or dis coloring.I've never had one warp. Maybe you boiled to long. Ü Tim

I have never had one warp...

This response submitted by MattC on 1/14/02. ( )

....But I have never tried to boil the horns off. I have seen other people do it and had them warp terribly. I learned Taxidermy from a guy who has been in the business for over 40 years. He told me that you might get away with boiling them 100 times but you will eventually have one warp on you...Seeing that he used to run 2 taxidermy schools in the carolinas and was once a technical assistant for a Large supply company I will take his word for it.

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