how do i fix tore deer nose?

Submitted by Henry on 1/11/02. ( )

I have a deer cape that is salted and ready to be tanned, but i hung it by the nostrils and the hanger tore through the nose. After it returns from the tannery , how might I fix this problem to mount so it doesnt look too bad. Any suggestions would help.


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This response submitted by Jeff on 1/11/02. ( )


I had a similiar case last year, and I just mounted the deer as always, but I glued and pinned the nose pad where it was torn. When the mount was dried, I applied magic sculp and went over it with a Dan-D-Noser, which most suppliers carry, and it looked as good as new.
Hope this Works.

Dandy nose a waste of money in my book.

This response submitted by John C on 1/11/02. ( )

you can simply glue it bacK and Mod-podge the nose following the natural bumps or pay for the dandy noser and have that raspberry looking nose, all perfect and uniform.

You can glue a bit of clothes drier sheet on the back side and come out great, without the expense of the noser.

Both John C. & Jeff are Right

This response submitted by Mark K on 1/13/02. ( )

Both Jeff & John have good ways to fix your deer's nose . John's idea will cost you about $5 for Mod-Podge and a small paint brush , if you don't already have these items . Jeff's idea will cost you $9 for the Magic Sculp, and $30 for a Dan-D-Noser . Both work great !
Good Luck !
Mark K

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