dryed elk ear tips

Submitted by dwl on 1/14/02. ( )

I am mounting a bull elk, I tanned the cape myself, what is a good way to turn the tips of ears they are dryed out so I can proceed with mounting process.

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This response submitted by Jack on 1/17/02. ( )

to elaborate a bit on the question. Your cape should still be wet, right? If it is, and just the ears are drying, put it in a plastic bag refer'ed and let the ears hydrate, or spray 'em with some water (they wet fast). I use a scalpel, but stop just short of the bend (maybe 1/16") cause I'd rather card than sew! It is a good idea to have your ears fully turned pre-tan, but pulling cartlage post-tan should get you to the periphery, just dont tear the edges! Know when to stop.

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