Submitted by Wade on 1/16/02. ( Rhino223@aol.com )

I have recently had trouble with a white tail and a mule deer ears. The ears themselves were some of the best bondo ears I have done. The problem is a month after they were finished the ears curled from the sides in. It is like you grabbed them in your hand and squeezed them right as the bondo kicked. Can these ears be rehydrated and reshaped without taking the bondo out. Thanks for your help.


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Use bondo glass or Tiger hair.

This response submitted by John C on 1/16/02. ( )

I hear of a lot of people having the same trouble you mention. I have used glass strands since begining. I have recently switched to Bondo Hair. I have never had a ear curl. Are you maybe getting it to thin or not evenly worked?

I do use earliners also.

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