HELP ... hanging my newly acquired Elk Antler mount

Submitted by Bill Marson on 1/16/02. ( )

Greetings. I recently obtained a large Elk Antler mount (approx. 23 lbs.). As I am not exactly sure how to mount this properly, I'm turning to this message board for help. I've linked you to a picture of my new acquisition ...

As you can see, the plaque has 2 eye-hole type attachments already mounted. I will assume that they should be used.

I plan on hanging this in my home. Being somewhat heavy, do you think I should find a stud in the wall to mount ?

Anyway, any suggestions/recommendations on how to hang this thing would be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS.

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Oh, Yeah

This response submitted by George on 1/16/02. ( )

Look like a 360-400 class bull and you'd better find a GOOD stud for them. Not sure what type hanger the taxidermist put on them, but I'd be bolting on a BIG sawtooth model held by 5 screws (I think it's call the "maxi") They look symetrical enough that they would be spinning around on you unless you have chimpanzees or toucans in the house. If you have a solid wood wall or plywood backed drywall(like I have in my family room) you could use the double screws or even two big screws in the sawtooth.

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