Repro Euro-skull mounts for a Corsican ?

Submitted by Matt C on 1/17/02. ( )

I recently took in a one of many Texas Dalls from a Local hunting Lodge ( I do all the taxidermy for them), anyways.... This one fella left his Texas Dall with me for a shoulder mount. I went ahead and caped, fleshed, and prepared the hide as usual and sawed off the horns for the mount, etc Well, 3 weeks later he calls and decides he doesnt have the room for the mount and would rather have a European mount on a plaque. I informed him it was too late then i remembered the repro skulls that a few companies have out for this. My Question is, Do they make them for a texas dall / corsican? Thanks for any help you guys can give.

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Just get another skull.

This response submitted by John C on 1/17/02. ( )

What you say? Yep just get another skull, clean and epoxy the horn cores to t he new skull, you will have to do some work with Apoxie Sculpt to belnd and scratch the skull joints in then youmay even need to use LAQ. and make a bone colored paint and paint it out, but it sill work fine.

I thought of that.......

This response submitted by MattC on 1/17/02. ( )

I thought of that...I guess that is the cheapest route to go. I gues I will be heading to the "Gut pit" and fishing out the old skull.. Yummy!

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