How to remove horns from a bison

Submitted by Kent Ringheim on 1/18/02. ( )

I have a bison shoulder mount to do and have cut the horns off the head a couple of inches below the horn. What is the easiest way to get the core out of the horn and what is the next step in treating the horns?

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This response submitted by b bishop on 1/18/02. ( )

go to the archives using the search button and type in your subject. I looked up the exact same thing last night. good info. E-mail me, I would like to discuss this as I now have a buffalo head . Thanks, Brad

Usually takes one hell of a lot of elbow grease!

This response submitted by Troy on 1/18/02. ( )

I've done a bunch of these guys. If you have cut the horn away from the skull it's much harder to get out of there. Especially if it's a big bull. Anyway I usually get the water boiling as hard as it will go and stick them in there for about 15-20 minutes. Then take them out and yank like mad while someone holds the skull down. Sometimes I've had to take a knife and cut what I can loose between the horn and the core. It takes about ten times more effort than what it takes to remove pronghorn horns.

Good luck!

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