russian boar

Submitted by shawn on 1/18/02. ( )

can someone tell me a paint schedule for the mouth on a russian boar? It's just a repair job , I don't know a darn thing about pigs, just had to rebuild the lips , nose and glue back in teeth. would the lips be close to a white-tail in an open mouth?

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Russian Boar

This response submitted by TP on 1/18/02. ( )

If the boar in question is a true "russian", than definately NOT.
The color you will try to achieve is a whitish grey. Try using super hide
white 10 part's to 1 part payne's grey. You can also add in a dab of
lavender flesh (light!). If you paint the mouth pink, or flesh, you will only
fooling yourself.


This response submitted by bukmaster on 1/19/02. ( )

thanks alot, I will find out if it was a true russian or not , evidently the guy who mounted it didn't ask what color cuz right now it is flesh and a bad flesh color at that. do ya think I should ask the customer if he wants it anatomically correct or if he wants me to make it look like it did. thanks, shawn

Flesh color IS more natural

This response submitted by MattC on 1/19/02. ( )

Being that I raise and breed Pure European boar I know exactly what color the skin is inside the mouth. It is a natural flesh color when the boar is alive...The Gray and whitish gray color everyone told you to paint it is the color the boar has after the blood has quit pumping and the skin is not gorged with blood. A more natural color is a natural flesh toned down just a tad...The next time I round some up for shipping I can try and get a pic for you if you are interested.

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