Cut skull cap

Submitted by Glen on 1/21/02. ( )

I have a set of caribou horns that was cut in the middle of the skull cap need a way to put them back together with out the use of a shed antler connector has anyone had to do this that wont mind telling me how thanks for you time to all Glen

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Skull Cap

This response submitted by Roy Kelley on 1/21/02. ( )

I had a broken skull cap on a set of elk antlers once. I was only remounting the antlers which were old and had fallen off the wall. What I did was cut two pieces of steel about 1/2" wide and 3 or 4 inches long. I then put epoxy in the break and secured the two halves together using screws and nuts through the skull and steel strips. After it set up I reinforced both sides with fiberglass matt and resin.



This response submitted by AL on 1/21/02. ( )

Drill three small holes on each half of the skull plate,about 1/2" from the edege. With three peices of wire about 8"in lenght insert the wire through each coresponding hole and twist tight with a pair of needle nose pliers. All the while making sure that the skull plate is coming together the way it should. You can then trim away some of the extra wire. Mix up some Bondo and chopped fiberglass and spread over the top and bottom of the skull plate. Let dry totally and you should be all set. I have also used zip ties with ok results in place of the wire. Works for me...good luck

Thanks to you all

This response submitted by Glen on 1/21/02. ( )

Thanks again for all the help iv never been let down your all great Thanks again Glen

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