Pedestal Mounts

Submitted by Shawn Hickey on 1/22/02. ( )

I'm fairly new at home taxidermy, just had one stupid quick question on pedestal mounts (and wall pedestals). Are you supposed to cover the back of the manikin with cape? Thanks.

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You can cover with felt, buckskin........

This response submitted by Kristoph on 1/22/02. ( )

extra hide or cape,Textured material, just about anything you find ascetically pleasing or whatever the customer wants. I generally use buckskin but have seen many award winning pedestals that had the cape/hide wrap around the back meeting in a clean union. One thing you want to do is trim the cape [if you're using a different back material] with a sharp scalpul blade flush to the form from the skin side so as not to cut the hair. Then simply take a *sharpie or marker and color the skins edge to match your backing. Have fun with it and be creative!

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