wild antelope hair

Submitted by alanb on 1/25/02. ( atbarnes@nckcn.com )

i have just mounted my first antelope and it looks good other than i am having trouble getting the hair to lay down on the neck and shoulders the cape fitted good. any ideas? also what can i use for a substitute for cape set gel?

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This response submitted by Dan on 1/25/02. ( )

this. Blow compressed air or turn your shop vac on blow and "back" blow your mount. Antelope hair isn't slicked down like a deer may be. You wont believe the difference it makes in the look of your mount. Good Luck!

Some have a mane.

This response submitted by John C on 1/26/02. ( )

Pronghorn have a differnt hair pattern that deer. the have neck tufts, and a mane for one.

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