Formulas for cleaning bear skulls

Submitted by Mike on 1/26/02. ( )

I need a formula for cleaning bear skulls..

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This response submitted by George on 1/26/02. ( )

Right out of the tap in a five gallon bucket. Submerge head, change the water once a week and prevent debris from getting into the water. After several weeks, hose it off, let sun dry, paint with Elmers glue.

Five gallon plastic bucket with lid.

This response submitted by John C on 1/26/02. ( )

drill holes in the lid and bucket 1/2 holes are fine. Now place frozen skull in a plastic trash bag, make a bunch of holes in it also.

Platic bag will catch all the teeth, as maggots eat the rest. in a bout two weeks the job is 90%.

Place skull with the teeth into a bucket, cover the skull with 3% peroxide from wally world. Add a wash cloth on top of the skull. Leave in until every last bit of meat and tissue is gone.

Remove Degrease with Super Solvent, and warm water for 30 minutes. Rinse, dry and glue the teeth in with super glue fisnish it to your standards.

Now if you are trying to save that $85 to $175. You will find out why we charge so much.

a little more for the skull!

This response submitted by Barb on 1/26/02. ( )

After you have all the bits and pieces off as per above instructions, paint it with potassium permangenate and 60% HCL. Now your skull is
white, after it dries, brush off the dust and rub with waxed cloth till smooooth.

Dont do it.

This response submitted by k on 1/27/02. ( )

Dont do it,potassium permangenate will turn the skull brown. Unless you like your skull dark brown dont do it.

What is elmers glue?

This response submitted by Mike on 1/27/02. ( )

Is elmers glue just like normal glue?

I agree, use potassium permangenate.

This response submitted by warren on 1/27/02. ( )

We do the work for the Wildlife Museum and we always use potassium.
It will not turn the skulls brown at all. As a matter of fact, when you mix the potassium with the HCL and form a paste to apply, it produces the whitest of all skulls. Just thought I would let you know. We use it at the University as well.

Enlighten me

This response submitted by . on 1/28/02. ( )

Warren,How can HCL(Hydrochloric acid) and potassium permangenate,a chemical used for staining antlers brown work to whiten a skull?

potassium permangenate

This response submitted by michael on 10/17/2002. ( )

where can i find this stuff at...

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