stained whitetail antlers

Submitted by beerhunter on 1/26/02. ( )

I have a set of whitetail antlers that the customer left in a freezer that un thawed, One side of the antlers are stained with blood or rust cant really tell. I tried a few things but with no luck, Would I have luck peroxiding them white and re staining them? Thank for any help

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How about soap and water.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 1/26/02. ( )

Thats all it takes, soap water and the old ladies kitchen sink.

Peoxide will not help the antlers color. You may even want to use a SOS pad or BRILLO. no other subtitutes.

A freezer will defrost and the frozen foods will then thaw as the temp. rises, normally a deepfreezer will unthaw the minute it is plugged in.

try CLR

This response submitted by nate hart on 1/26/02. ( )

I think it's called CLR. It removes calcium and rust stains. I've used it to get rust stain out of bone before. It should be available at most hardware stores. I believe it's originally used for sinks and bathtubs. I would give it a try before I bleached the antlers.

Wash then paint

This response submitted by Taxidermist on 1/27/02. ( )

Wash with dawn then dry and then paint with brush paint thinned then wipe off the paint while wet with rag.

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