ideas for a head mount

Submitted by Mike on 1/27/02. ( )

Hey guys I relly need some ideas for a head mount of a coyote so you can you help?

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Best ever!

This response submitted by DE on 1/27/02. ( )

I just completed the best looking coyote wall mount I have ever seen. I used a McKenzie critter pedistal form in the howling position then altered it to a wall pedistal and turned the head towards the wall to show it in profile. Everyone who has seen it so far has loved it including wives that hate taxidermy! Needless to say I have many more to do now and I am currently sculpting myself a manikin. Good stuff!

Hog skull mounts

This response submitted by Bud Fletcher on 5/5/02. ( )

I was trying to get some ideas on how to mount the hog skull to the board. Wire, screws, glue? let me know if you know which way is the best.
thanks bud fletcher

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