whats wrong with this ....

Submitted by Mike S. on 1/28/02. ( )

I had a mount done by a taxidermist that just does not seem right.
I asked him about it a couple of different times but he just seems to ignore me. Should there be a inch wide gap down the seam on a deer head mount? All the mounts I have seen, even the ones in this guys show room do not have a gap. He just told me that I wanted a rut neck so he had to leave a gap? I wanted the deer to be the size when I got it, nothing more. I payed this person $450.00 to mount this head.
It scores 160 as a typical and I am kinda of upset. Any thoughts?

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He is wrong. No gap should be allowed.

This response submitted by John C on 1/28/02. ( )

While he charged you a fair price sounds like his work is a little shody. You can get a swelled neck without the gap. He should have also used a good hide adhesive and he may not have had that problem.

I would ask for my money back, I feel he ripped you off.

I disagree

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/28/02. ( )

You wont get your money back. You could refuse the mount, of course, and then try to have him rehydrate the seam and clean it up a bit. If a customer insists on a larger neck then was originally there, cheating on the seam is an option. Now Im not saying that you did this, or that he did, but its like those big open seams on the back of a fish. Only with the customer's permission, of course. Even the best work can have seams that part a bit, but yes, an inch would be excessive.

over time

This response submitted by mark on 1/29/02. ( mnmstuffit@aol )

how long ago was this mount done. i'm not making any excusses for bad taxidermy but if this mount was done a while ago and hung say over a very hot fireplace or wood burner it could be over dried. i know two different guys who took raccoons in to the same taxidermist at the same time and one still looks great the other should be thrown away one is displayed in a modern home controled condition the other in a hunting shack, wood heat.

Thanks for the replies...

This response submitted by Mike S. on 1/29/02. ( Kodak212@rochester.net )

Looks like I got a broad spectrum of ideas.. from being riped off to not get money back and A small gap is ok. Thanks for everyones thoughts. I guess sometimes you don't get what you pay for. Iam just going to hang it on the wall I think. After thinking it all over, you can't really see it once its up on the wall. Just to answer some of the above questions, I just got this mount back in the last 30 days,so its not that old. Also to make the point again, I DID NOT WANT the neck anything MORE than it already WAS. And the gap was brought to the owners attention not once but twice.
Thanks again, Mike at Kodak customer service

Shame on ALL of us!

This response submitted by Bonnie Zedonis on 1/29/02. ( )

If we (cover) for this kind of unexcusable work, I feel the customers will not trust any taxidermist! Word of mouth really travels when one gets screwed. I am all for sticking up for our own; but a mount that was completed (30 days ago) with NO attempt by the (taxidermist?) to repair said problem; is almost criminal in my book. We veteran taxidermists know better than that! This guy paid top buck for said specimen and got LESS than sportsmans rate! I myself would QUIT taxidermy before I would let something of that quality? leave my shop. I am the highest priced taxidermist in my area (Ohio) and I still only get 350. for deer heads (not complaining). I raise my prices every year and customers do NOT complain. Also, as an avid bowhunter I would not want a mount like that on my wall, even if I wasn't a taxidermist....If this had happened to me I would take it back and insist that it is repaired or take him/her to small claims court..ie If any of you had a concrete driveway put in and 30 days later it had a large 1 inch crack running the length of it, would you not try and get the contractor to repair or replace it and if he wouldn't... tell me YOU would NOT? take him to court! Especially if you paid the (going rate).
I'm sorry fellow taxidermists but this is the way I see it and I am tired of taxidermists getting a bum rap all the time; because of a FEW so-called taxidermists!

Certified Master Taxidermist

boy , Bonnie did you hit it or what!

This response submitted by Frank on 1/30/02. ( )

Once again trying to be all nice and pretty makes me sick! I totally agree with what you said here Bonnie, no sugar coating there.
Plain and simple you are due some money back, Mike. Thats my thought on this. I may not be a big name ,but I do understand common business practices. Maybe some big heads get in the way with this thinking but, hey folks we are not GOD. And we ALL make mistakes. This is just another sign of a crapy business man that is not good at dealing with the public. But , then again you could just refuse it, yea thats the answer!hahaha

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