trade for the future

Submitted by Clinton on 1/28/02. ( the )

Hello to all!

I'm just starting into taxidermy and am on here atleast once a week. I live in Ontario Canada, and was just wondering if, inthe future , someone would like to trade hunts. Such as I take you for big Canadian whitetail buck hunt you take me for something I'd usually not get to hunt. I work down in the states for acompany and am currently going to Wyoming. Anyone interested?

P.S Big into bowhunting!


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Sure Clinton sounds great!

This response submitted by John C on 1/28/02. ( )

Snipe hunting is great sport here. No guns to worry about except during gun season. Then we dont hunt them often. They decoy real well.

Book me in for the first hunt on those big deer, and I promise you a time you will not forget next December here. Meal included here!

No thanks

This response submitted by Clinton on 1/29/02. ( )

John C thanks for the snipe offer but I think I'm looking to hunt something quite larger than snipe with my bow. Elk and Mule deer would be nice or something in that game size area.

I'm interested

This response submitted by RD on 1/30/02. ( )

I live in northcentral kansas. The only thing I have to offer is deer hunting, and it's difficult for out of staters to draw a tag here. I am a bowhunter also, and I would love to try for bear. We have a lot of upland birds and waterfowl if you are interested in that.

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