Needed Eland shoulder mount 11x 25-27 !

Submitted by Dean McClaugherty on 1/29/02. ( )

I have looked in all of my catalogs, and I can only find larger Eland shoulder mounts. This animal is from South Texas and was not completly mature when taken. If you can help please email. Thanks Dean

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Alter it

This response submitted by Tj on 1/30/02. ( )

Hey Dean I live near the heard of Oryx in NM. and get some pretty small Oryx in that guys just have to have done thier once in a life time hunts. What I do is take good mesurements and alter the forms. I charge these guys by the hour for my altering. Some where between 25 and $35 an hour. If they will pay someone to work under the hood of thier car that, they should be willing to pay you that for something they look at every day. Remember if yo usplit the form down the nek for every inch yo utake out you make the neck two inch's smaller.

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