need to pull tusk

Submitted by travis on 1/30/02. ( starsnead @ )

cust wants me to pull tusks on small boar so they look bigger have always used real jaws but never pulled tusk. do you have any info or should i tell him to shoot a bigger piglet! next time

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Boar Tusk

This response submitted by Skinner on 1/30/02. ( )

To extend the tusk on a boar I boil the jaws to remove the meat. After boiling the cutters should just slide out. Be careful because the teeth will come out also. The boar usually has more tusk down in the jaw than is exsposed. After removing the tusk I clean then replace to the length the customer wants with a little five minute epoxy. Hope this helps.


This response submitted by travis on 1/30/02. ( starsnead @ )

thank you info is very helpful


This response submitted by George on 1/30/02. ( )

Real boar teeth are nothing but trouble and will eventually crack. If you aren't using artificial teeth, you'd better start soon before your customers start looking for you. Noonkester sells a realistic jaw set with "adjustable" tusks and whets. AND THEY WON'T CRACK.

George and Travis

This response submitted by skinner on 1/31/02. ( )

I have used the jaw set you mentioned and like it but most of my customers prefer the real the thing. I allways tell them that the teeth will crack or split sooner or later but most of them still want the real teeth and tusk. Always give your customer the option.

boiling to long

This response submitted by Wayne on 1/31/02. ( )

Dont boil the jaw to long! we have mounted a lot of boars over the years and only one has had a small spilt, keep testing the tusk after a hour in the cooker you should be able to pull them out once they come out put them in warm water so they cool down slowly, put the jaw with out the tusks back in the cooker untill its clean of meat etc.
if you are going to pull them when you mount it get out your dremial and take the grind down a bit this is a sure telling sign that a tusk has been pulled the grind should be close to the gum. Hope this helps

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