Old Antler Restoration

Submitted by Paul on 1/30/02. ( Funkyp01@aol.com )

I have a beautiful rack that is 20 years old.My friend had it in his shop where it aquired alot of dust.The deer is wasted so I removed the antlers from the mount.I washed them with warm water and soap they look better but they have a hard yellow on them. Is there any way I can lighten up the antlers? I want to mount them with the top half of the skull.

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oven cleaner

This response submitted by Jeremy on 2/1/02. ( hrnshack@iowatelecom.net )

I read on here once that someone suggested oven cleaner spray. don't know if it works for sure, I never did try it.I'd be careful because I feel that you can take too much color out of the horn, but if you do a good antler stain could be used to blend it back. good luck

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