Corn cob grit and wool

Submitted by Wayne on 3/26/02. ( )

don't mix. I just found out. I know, you old timers are LYAO right now. I knew better but I had to get the cape of a black Hawiian ram dried after washing as it was already losing some random hair, so I threw it in the tumbler.
Anyone have any suggestions for removing all of this grit other than hours of work with a wire brush? I learned from my mistakes as most do and won't be making this one again.

Thanks, Wayne

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Sheep shears

This response submitted by George on 3/27/02. ( )

Sorry Wayne, you got it forever now. Your only hope is to comb it so that the outer wool "fluffs" to the point of covering the under wool.

Couldn't Help Myself

This response submitted by bruce on 3/27/02. ( )

Wayne....We should all add a little humor to our lives and I guess now you are it! Call your local exterminator and get the address of a home with termites.....collect the queen and her flock and put it all in a 55 gallon garbage bag....within no time the sawdust should just disapear, with out any damage to your skin. Just make sure you don't get any moth larva with the termites. Life is to short not to smile!

George Is Probably Right

This response submitted by Old Fart on 3/27/02. ( )

Years ago I had a spring bear(you know, the real wooly ones) come back from my tanner that way. I rugged it and when it dried I hung it on a fence and took a rug beater to it. I beat on it and beat on it and beat on it........I took breaks and beat on it some more. Then I took the air compressor to it. I never did get all the sawdust out of it, but it was presentable. I can't even begin to imagine trying to get the finer corncob grit out of a sheep. Good luck.

If nothing works, soak it in coleman fuel and touch a match to it. Cur suggested this for a pheasant not to long ago, it just seems like it might be appropriate here too.

wooly stuff up

This response submitted by wayne ( kiwi) on 3/27/02. ( )

well since new zealand has 3 million of the wool bugger's you would think i migth be able to help. short of picking it out with your fingers the only way that i have found the best (not that i have done this to them! have had the odd one come in full of bits and picss's) try a very strong air compresser and blow it out or a high presuerd waterhose, but the best time to do this is after you have mounted it and it is dry then you wont damage it, you will still have to pick some out by hand i wouldent wire brush it to much as this will dmage the wool and you will be left with bugger all hope it helps.
Bye the way Im clad i could respond to this as haveing the same name as well i could see a few here looking at it migth be

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