Painting Elk Ears and eyes

Submitted by Cameron on 3/3/02. ( DrangerW@c.s. )

Gentlemen; I need help badly. I am schedule to show my elk next week,but I do not know what colors to paint the ears and around the eyes. I have try to order the color schedule from Jonas, but it was on back order. I need you help now. Thanks. This is a New Mexico elk.

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Last Minute Huh!

This response submitted by Don on 3/4/02. ( )

Go to Jonas Paint Schedule is there, remember these 'paint schedules are guidelines. If your competeting I hope you have references and those are your best schedules you can have. Seeing the colors(and blending or mixing)is one of the "ART" parts of this stuff. Otherwise..ah, never mind. Wish you luck at the competetion.

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