Submitted by Tim Jackson on 3/4/02. ( )

This may be a stupid question but I couldn't find it the archives so I turned to to pros.When I caped out an Aoudad that little strip of hair between the horns I was told by some other taxidermists was to be cut off completely and kept because if I sent the hide to a tannery they would just cut it off anyway and trash it,is this true and if so do I just tan the strip myself and epoxy it back in place?

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Keep it on the cape

This response submitted by Don Sherpy on 3/5/02. ( )

I would keep it on the cape and not cut it off. If my tanner did not know what it was and cut it off.....we would have a "little talk" and then I would find another tanner! The only thing I would think is that whomever told you that must have all but cut it off while he was caping the beast and it fell off durring the tanning process.
Good luck!

Don't cut it off

This response submitted by Evelyn Mills on 3/15/02. ( )

Just to reeinfoce what Don told you. Don't cut it off. I send all my hides to a tannery and never ever lost that piece of hide.

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