Submitted by jim k on 3/6/02. ( )

I took in a very nice axis buck in velvet
still very soft, to large to fit in my freezer
the only thing i have in the shop is the knobloch
bird feet preserve, can it be used instead of the
knobloch velvet tan, if not how long can i safely
wait without freezing the rack.

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This response submitted by BUZZI COOK on 3/7/02. ( OLYTAX@AOL.COM )

the skull and then put the halves in the freezer.....does that solve the problem?

Preserz it

This response submitted by Evelyn on 3/16/02. ( )

Do like Buzzi told you if you don't have enough freezer space. When you are ready to treat the antlers I would suggest to use Preserz it. You can get it from McKenzie. I use it on all my velvet antlers. Works excellent. Use it full strength with the injection method.If the velvet is already too hard because you waited too long to frereze it, use the soaking method. I don't know how big those antlers are, but it could take a lot of preserz it to do it this way. With the soaking method you would have to dilute it with water. Hope this will help.Good luck.

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