removing sheep horns

Submitted by jc on 3/7/02. ( )

any ideas on removing horns that have been drying for 5 months?

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boil em

This response submitted by John on 3/7/02. ( )

Try boiling them, let them sit in boiling water for about 20 minutes or so and then try popping them.

Check the Archives

This response submitted by George on 3/7/02. ( )

BEFORE you BOIL, check the archives.

might try this

This response submitted by sean on 3/10/02. ( )

i know a taxidermist that just puts his in water and lets it stay in it for long periods. i haven't tried this i just do what john said but it seems to work for him
hope this helps

Never Boil Sheep horns

This response submitted by Bill M on 3/11/02. ( )

Check the archives BUT DO NOT BOIL THEM'


This response submitted by Evely Mills on 3/15/02. ( )

I had extremely good success soaking horns in a tub of water. It has been my preferred method. Especially in warm weather it works pretty quick. Make sure you clean the horns afterwards with fresh water and let them sit out in the fresh air for the smell to dissapate. Good luck!

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