ear drumming

Submitted by Del on 3/10/02. ( moo@ntelos.net )

I just started doing taxidermy this past deer season and have a couple of deer under my belt. I seem to be doing pretty well for a beginner exept for the ear drumming. I would greatly appreciate some good advice on this subject.

Thanks, Del

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Remove the cartilage.

This response submitted by terry on 3/10/02. ( )

Remove it & use caulk on the earliners.That should solve your problems.


This response submitted by RickJ on 3/10/02. ( )

Make sure you trim the liner 1/8" smaller than your skin to allow for shrinkage. I put a small amount of critter clay along the bottom edge and tip of the liner, apply WASCO earliner epoxy, shape the ear and mount the deer. Make sure you check the ears after mounting and paper clip some cardboard strips on the edges to prevent curling while drying. I also color the epoxy and don't have to paint the inner ear on commercial mounts. I just add some airbrush paint to it as I mix it. Produces a nice ear with natural color.

another way

This response submitted by CHUCK on 3/10/02. ( Chuckcnctaxi@aol.com )

I bet you never thought you'd get so many answers but #1 make sure you remove all cartilage #2 make sure the ear liners fit properly,a little loose is best.#3 I use Epogrip epoxy systems on my mounts.They have a 10 minute that is best for ears.Loose liners allow for the epoxy to be feathered out at the edges .The epoxy sets in 10 minutes so when you feel it warm up you should have all ear skin taxied into place.No carding should be necessary but if you feel you must use heavy window screen and large paper clips for a day or two.#4 you can tint the epoxy with red paint or dry tempera colors-the epoxy will accept either very well.That way final ear finishing will be minimal.


This response submitted by doug on 3/11/02. ( realdeal@bright.net )

1st thing i do is wipe my earliners down with lacquer thinner. this leaves the surface kind of tacky, then run course sand paper over the liner, this leave a nice ruff surface for the glue to grab onto. i use buckeye mannikan ear linners be200m. i very seldom have to trim these linners. i like to leave a little xtra skin on inside of ear to allow for shrinkage. i also use buckeye supreme adhesive and get great ears, just check them every day. hope some of this helps. doug i usually prep several sets of earlinners ahead of time so that the lacquer thinner has time to dry and not effect the glue.

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