help with a tanned cape

Submitted by Jon Harshbarger on 3/12/02. ( )

I just need confirmation that I'm doing this right (or really wrong). I just purchased a tanned cape via ebay. Eager to mount my first commercially tanned cape, I ordered a form which matched the measurements I was given. The cape has a full dorsal incision and doesn't appear to be even close to the size of the mannikan. I will get to mounting the cape in about 10 days, so I plan on hanging it in my work area until then. I plan on rehydrating the cape in 5 gallons of warm water with a capful of Downy for two hours and then bagging overnight. I can then sew up the incision so that a short y remains and then stretch in all directions. I am assuming I'll regain a lot in the stretching (hopefully). If not, I guess I'll store the rehydrated cape in the freezer until a new form arrives. Am I way of base, or does this sound right? Thanks for all your help.

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This response submitted by J Harshbarger on 3/13/02. ( )

I reposted this on the beginners forum, since that is where it should have been placed to get responses. Sorry about that.

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