measurements on gameheads

Submitted by Del on 3/15/02. ( )

I have a couple of forms that seem to be to large and I'm wondering if I'm takeing my measurements wrong. I took my measurements over the hair at the base of the jaw and behind the ears. A local taxidermist said to take my measurments on the neck meat. Can I alter my forms to fit to save the shipping and handling? Please help? Thanks Del

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Yes but

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 3/15/02. ( )

what is the difference between them. If your over 1 1/2 I wouldn't. The reason I say this is that you sound new at this and atlering it this much may cause you more grive than you want.

Your friend is right, most catalogs show you how to measure for a manikin. 99% of the time I measure the meat when I get them that way. Other wise I tan them and measure them at a later date with a ruler.

Take it off the cape

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Hi Del, You can take measurements off the meat if you want, but I recommend taking measurements off the tanned cape as that is going to be the actual measurement that will fit the form. The measurement off the meat is accurate, but depending on how thin the cape is shaved down while tanning, it could give you a different size than the meat measurement. Good luck.

Measure twice -order once

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I measure over the hair at the jawline and 4 inches down over the hair.I generally subtract 2 inches for each ,write them down ,after skinning I'll measure the cape at both points after fleshing and usually come up with a similar measurement.I do it that way because if a early season deer shows up it is usually a shorter and thinner hair than a late season. Anyhow this is just the way I do it and it works well,Listen to others and choose what works for you.

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