Black Wildebeest Reference

Submitted by Bill on 3/18/02. ( )

I've searched the web high and low, I've intentionally spelled incorrectly, I've added jpg, jpeg, gif to the name, but I can't seem to find many, or any decent reference photos for a black wildebeest or white-tailed gnu. Any suggestions?

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This response submitted by cur on 3/31/02. ( )

I have never heard of a "Black wildebeast". The white tailed gnu, Connochaetes gnu, is common and the photos are everywhere. Try google search for the specific or white-tailed gnu.

Black wildebeast

This response submitted by cur on 3/31/02. ( )

The local name, "black wildebeast" is not proper. Try a search on Connochaetes gnu and see what happens....sent you one jpg this date. Everything I have on file is no adequate for reference of the type you seek......maybe you should learn to say, "no" when you are not sure of a subject......good luck.


This response submitted by Cur on 3/31/02. ( )

I sent you the wrong pitcher...LOL.....I pulled that jpg from an African mammal web site by title and really didn't look at it until after I forwarded it to you.......The picture is a blue wildebeast and is incorrectly named. I would think they should know better. Have dispatched regrets and a proper photo this date....sorry

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